Reedbed Design and Build

Farmhouse Case Study
Waste water treatment system for domestic use

Farmhouse buildings had been developed as 4 homes. They all discharged their waste water into a septic tank sewage treatment system, which soaked away down the field.

The soakaway became blocked, and waters were backing up, so that it was difficult to flush the toilets, or drain the washers. You can see in the foreground where the grey waters were puddle up to the surface. They wanted a reedbed built down the field and into the new woodland.

Draining to the willow woodland area.

The fitting of the outflow pipe down the field immediately released the backed up waters, so that the septic tank worked again as it should.  Of course the outflows from the reedbed soaked nicely into the willow area. Much of the clean and clear waters were evaporated by the trees. 

This photo shows the outflows from the septic tank, (The sample on the right) and the outflows from the reedbed, (The sample on the left).