Reedbed Design and Build

Acid Mine Water Flows Case Study
A reduction in metal pollutants of 90%

Acid mine waters flow from a site previously a coal mine. The site was re-vegetated, but the acid mine waters still flow from the site. These flows are rich in metals, minerals and sludges. The acidity of the flows are around 4.2pH.

The flows emerge and are settled in a lagoon.

The flows then flow through a vertical flow reedbed.

Last year the reeds were fully grown, with seed heads forming on most stems.

The results from samples taken December 2013 are as follows.

The pH of the inflow was 3.9 and 6.6 for the outflow. The reduction in metals is 90%. The full system included a second reedbed. We re-built this second system just before Christmas. Once we get some good weather, we can get some photos.