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Welcome to YES Reedbed Design & Build

Yes-Reedbeds work throughout the UK (England / Wales / Scotland / Northern Ireland) and have over 20 years of experience in waste water treatment.

Absolutely All You Need to Know About Reedbed Filtration and SUDS (sustainable drainage systems)

  • Yes Reedbeds are Vertical Flow, Modulated waste water treatment systems.
  • There is no standing water, there is no smell.
  • No other system works better, few work as good, and none at these prices

For Domestic and Industrial Waste Water Treatment, throughout the UK.

  • For single homes
  • Multiple dwellings
  • Caravan and Camp Sites
  • Holiday Homes
  • Acid Mine Water
  • Small Breweries
  • Golf Course Vehicle Washdown
  •  Fruit Farms
  • Vegetable Waste Waters
  • Motorway Run-off
  • Factory Waste Waters
  • Quarry Water
  • Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems SUDS 

Yes Reedbed Flood Alleviation Lagoons for housing developments in flood plains.

  • Avoid all of the problems of open water lagoons
  • Provide dynamic working systems
  • Provide valuable natural habitat
  • Can lead to environmental awards
  • Can help gain planning for the whole development
  • High performance, Low Cost, Low Maintenance, Long lasting, natural systems

We can have development in balance with nature. This dynamic natural system allows water to do as it does, in a manageable way.

Yes-Reedbeds know what to do, how to do it, and why we are doing it.

We produce Quality and Standards on time and without hassle

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YES Reedbeds Work Winter & Summer!

We don’t give our designs away for free. Please don’t ask, thank you.

When looked after and kept in working order, YES Reedbeds can last a lifetime.